Misscarriejune's Full Leg Building Routine and Tips

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Learn to train legs like the MiniBeast herself! This downloadable training program includes Carriejunes entire weekly Quad/Glute/Hamstring and Calves workouts and tips. These are the same workouts Carriejune has been utilizing for years to build a big booty, sculpted quads/hamstrings and muscular calves. Learn all of her muscle building secrets! :)

Her full leg routine includes:

  • 2 of her entirely different gym routines focused on Glutes/Hams
  • 2 of her entirely different gym routines focused on Quads/Calves
  • An at home Leg workout that she utilizes for days she can't make it to the gym (requires resistance bands)
  • Misscarriejunes Top Tips for sculpting and developing legs
  • Cardio do's and dont's
  • Supplement and Vitamin recommendations for lean muscle growth and strength
  • Includes alernative exercises for those with gyms that don't have certain equipment (ex. crossfit gyms)
  • Nutritional advice for gaining muscle mass
  • Offers a wide variety of exercises to switch things up and keep it fun!
  • You'll recieve updated versions of Carriejunes leg program after purchase whenever she decides to change up her routine!

*Some phones may not be able to process the automatic download, if that is the case simply send us an email at cj@theminibeast.com and we will email you your program promptly :)


Note: All Diet/Training programs are non-refundable!