Misscarriejune's Daily Meal Plan and Macro Guideline

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Misscarriejune gets asked daily what she eats to stay lean and build muscle. Because of this, she's finally put together her full diet program for you to learn, as well as an outline to create your own perfect diet plan! This program is jam packed with more valuable information than anyone else is offering.


•Carriejune's dieting philosophy and how she maintains her physique year round.

•Carriejune's daily meal plan with exact calories and macros listed.

•Carriejune's favorite daily snacks.

•Meal frequency, timing and portion sizes.

•Advanced nutrition section where Carriejune explains how to calculate your own macros and calories for your specific goals.

•Carriejune's top tips for the perfect diet plan and how she's able to stick to it while enjoying life!


Note: All Diet/Training programs are non-refundable.